About Andaluzcard..


Andaluzcard is a discount card that offers you benefits at various participating companies, just by showing them your card.


The advantages and discounts offered are diverse, and depend on what a company is able to offer you. The strength of Andaluzcard is that both small, local companies as well as larger, national companies can participate. In this respect Andaluzcard differs greatly from other discount cards.

Andaluzcard is set up for everybody who lives or works in Andalusia as well as for all the people that come to Andalusia to enjoy their holidays. 


Due to the low price of the card – just € 15,00 when bought in participating stores – it is already worth its own money within the first few times that the card is used. The card is valid for a full year and is not connected to any form of subscription or other obligations. However, we would love to have you back as a customer during the year(s) following your first purchase of an Andaluzcard. 


If you mainly plan to use the card offline, like in stores or at tourist attractions, you can make your own choices about registering the card or not. For online use however, registration is required to avoid abuse. Registration is free of charge and without any further obligations. If you choose to register your Andaluzcard, your personal data will only be used for administrative purposes and will never be printed, sold or made public in any way.


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