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Where does Andaluzcard stand for? Andaluzcard is a discount card wich offers you benefits by varios   participating companies just by showing your card.  The offerd advantages are diverse and depend on what a company is   able to offer you. The strenght of Andaluzcard is that as well small (local)   companies as well as larger companies can praticipate. In this respect   Andaluzcard differs from other discount cards.  Andaluzcard is set up for all people who live or work in the Costa del Sol or   enjoy their holidays. The low cost of the card is often earned back already by a single payment.  The card is valid for a year and is not due to any form of subscription.   Howeverwe love to have you back as our client the next year(s). You can make the choice to register the card or not if the is used offline.   Registration is required, however, for online use to avoid abuse and is free of charge and without any further obligation.  In case of registration your personal data will only be used for our   administration and will not be used for other matters  By following us on Facebook or on our website, you will be updated   about new partners and special offers.  Questions? Ask Paco...             PACO